Standalone or Custom Install:  Electronic Invoicing is the big one here if you need that you have to get NMI.  Otherwise many older and international carts use NMI.  QuickBooks Desktop Software (Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2017 and newer) also works very well with NMI.  $79.99 Setup including concierge services on installation (support for most and actual plug-in to certain carts) and hooking you up to your credit card processing (merchant account) such as U.S. Bank / Elavon, then $25 a month for the gateway fee, billed directly from NMI, for your service and access to your secured server (SSL/TLS).  Then you’ll have a nominal fee of $0.10 a transaction.  Basic installation, which will include, virtual terminal services, gateway integration to shopping carts, recurring billing, QuickBooks Sync, and electronic billing services.  Add on services are available such as: Swipe, Mobile, and Customer Vault, etc. are all additional fees, most very modest in the $5-$15 a month range.  Please consult us if you need the extra services.

You may be wondering who NMI is?  Learn more HERE.

In the meantime, please watch these videos to learn all about our custom made gateway, designed by 72 Charms LLC, and backed by NMI.

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Electronic Invoicing

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Site Compliance

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Standalone or Custom Install, use with alternatives such as FreshBooks or your shopping cart or your custom mobile application: $79.99 Setup Then $25


Converge (MyVirtualMerchant) gateway from Elavon / U.S. Bank Buy from your local representative We can integrate to 30 Shopping Carts for you. Flat ra